Supernatural Ep 15x05

Gay werewolf brothers.


One of whom stroked the other's face for like 2 minutes. They were obviously a joke/reference about how much Sam and Dean gaze into one anothers' eyes. That and Dean calling himself a "meat man" last episode...I just...am very happy.


I love SPN Spring Fling so much!!! It's such a quick and sweet exchange that allows fic/art/vids, with definite joy for rare pairs and side characters. Join uuuus!

Holiday Cards

Hello! I'm sending out holiday cards again this year, message me your address if you'd like one. They are usually modge podge disasters and include soon-to-be-worth-something snippets of my illegible handwriting.

Fic Help

Hello friends. Is there anyone who would be free to do some storyboarding with me for a fic I'm trying to write? It's a darkish, post-s13 fic that I am really excited about but I need to talk out the conflict/plot points so it all makes sense.

If you're not caught up with the show it's not a big deal, as long as you're ok with spoilers!


Reminder to sign up for the spn-j2-xmas exchange! Sign-ups close on Saturday. If you have already signed up, please help spread the word! I'm not really sure where to advertise it, I feel super incompetent as far as how fandom is finding out about things these days. Tumblr? Discord? Pls halp.

In other news, I just finished Adventure Time. Like, forever. I have so many feelings, I don't really know what to do with myself now.