Not cops, just hicks (glovered) wrote,
Not cops, just hicks

Sam Sam Sam

First of all, eosrose podficced astolat's TMI for me!!!! And oh my god, her reading of it is excellent and hilarious, and it's a really great fic. I highly recommend listening to this. So endlessly pleased ♥

And on a more ridiculous note, my friend at work and I were talking about how, despite how bad Time for a Wedding was, it did give us Annual Vegas Week and also started with Dean having thinly veiled girltalk with the girl he's pretending to hit on at the bar. She gives him some relationship advice and probably feels really good that she could help out a gay dude. This video pretty much sums up his conversation with most people, tbh. (As always, click the little cog icon for higher quality.)

Tags: recs, vid
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