Not cops, just hicks (glovered) wrote,
Not cops, just hicks

Windfall for the non-believer, master

TITLE: Windfall for the non-believer
WORDS: 35k
RATING: R, sex & violence
WARNINGS: vaguely dub-con
SUMMARY: After Sam's first Hell flashback, he and Dean work a job that means posing as a couple in a planned community.
CHAPTERS: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
PDF: D/L from AO3.
PODFIC: Holy SHIT. [ 3:22:04, created by heard_the_owl ♥ ! ]


This story is set around episode 6x14, just after Sam has his first Hell flashback.

crimson_adder made me some great, actual hand-drawn art. (Thank youu!) I am pretty much blown away by her work. Go check it out!

Props to the tireless spn_j2_bigbang mods, of course, and much gratitude to allback2mine for talking through the premise of this story and lazy_daze for some lovely details. A shout out to the e-mail chain peeps who were fantastic and amusing throughout the editing process—that was way fun, guys!

Finally, thanks to my fabulous betas—lavishsqualor, heard_the_owl, & britomart_is—who helped so much when I despaired of ever stringing together a semi-coherent plot, and who I now talk to on a regular basis because they are awesome.

Tags: fic, podfic, spn
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