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Master fic sticky

fic is organized by pairing, and then date within the pairing. oldest stories at the top.

sam/dean | gen | cas/uriel | j2 | femslash | vids | recs


> 5k
Hitch your wagon to a star, 6k : post-s6 fix-it treehouse fic.
Windfall for the non-believer, 35k : Pretend-couple fic after Sam's first Hell flashback. (podfic)
My life on paper, 5k : Sam's consciousness avoids memories of hell. Samnesia!
Static, 12k : Post-S6. They try to save Cas. This is a rescue mission.
The Truncated love story of Smith & Wesson, 21k : Smith and Wesson take on the world.
Seriously., 8.5k : Sam is jealous of Dr. Sexy. There are Leviathan on set.
Walk away now, 9k : Sam and Dean might be cursed. When they try to split up, mishaps befall them. (podfic)
Love or spite or a ten dollar bet, 27.5k : Lucifer tries to convince Sam that Dean wants him.
In a safe behind a painting, 9k : Dean tells RoboSam he wouldn't sleep with him for any price. Challenge accepted.
Kevin Tran for President, 11k : Dean comes back from Purgatory to find Sam working as a barista at a coffee shop near Princeton, watching over Kevin Tran.
Losing a star without a sky, 11k : They investigate a series of small town murders. Meanwhile, they haven't been the most successful when it comes to interpersonal communication, so Sam tries other tactics.
I can see a dream down there, 18k : Dean and Kevin team up to extricate Ezekiel from Sam, but the spell has some unfortunate consequences.
Learn to say the same thing, 14k : "As the purpose of this weekend is to get to know one another, please wear your name tag at all times." Sam and Dean end up at a single's retreat in the mountains and run into old friends. (podfic)
Edges, 22.5k : (Stanford era) Things that Sam's already received from his brother include: a flyer from a strip club, a temporary tattoo of a bulldog, and a mysterious yet clean sock. He imagines Dean shoving things into an empty cereal box from the back seat of the car, slapping on a few stamps, and sending it off on a post-hunt high, thinking, I'm alive, I should probably let Sam know.
My head, on the hood of your car, 30k : Dean has been dead for two years, and Sam's life has ground to a halt in Detroit. Or is it just beginning? Sam has friends, a job, and a new lease on life. So it seems only fitting that a strange sort of hell wearing his brother's face would find him there.
Man of Steel, 7.4k : Sam, strong and immovable at the worst of times, was at the end of the day just a man. And so was Dean.
Lionheart, 13k : Sam and Dean travel through time to the Middle Ages, and find out there is more than one way to die by the sword. Will they enter a tournament for medieval sweethearts...or be lost to the sands of time?
Born to die, 10k : While Dean is possessed by Michael, he and Sam sleep together for the first time.

< 5k
Lock it up and leave, 4.5k : Post re-souling fic.
At the mouth, 2.5k : Something supernatural causes spontaneous boy makeouts.
Sunday, wake up, 2k : somewhere stuck in "At the mouth." Bobby's POV.
Better than before, 650w : Dean + cigarettes, sound & smell of rain. (podfic)
Our boots on with both hands, 1.5k : Dean finds the ripped hoodie and mends it for Sam. Brotherly schmoop!
Love my life, 1k : Sam & Dean start to love hunting again.
Fill it up with something, 2k : Hypothermia (podfic)
Mistakes, they're memories made, 4.5k : Sam worries that he gayed at Dean when he was soulless. (podfic)
Reparations, 328words : Sam and Dean on Bobby's porch.
His most excellent wardrobe, 2.7k : robo!Sam's ruffly pants are the stuff of fairytale. (podfic)
The aisles are forever, 1.5k : Sam and Dean hide out by owning a bookshop post-s6.
Guessing at numbers and figures, 3.5k : + Dylan/Dean. Dylan from 99 Problems meets Dean in church.
dean's lipgloss/sam's spray-tan, 275w : French Mistake universe b-day fic
Simple as that, 1k : Dean tracks Sam's phone & awkwardly parks at every motel, 7x06. (podfic)
Water under the bridge, 2.7k : Sam tries to build a bridge. (7x06)
Secure the grounds for the later parade, 2k : Sam hugs Dean.
Wherefore these dim monuments, 600w : Sam is going to be offended if Dean doesn't kiss him in public on Valentine's Day. (podfic)
I only think about you if it's raining or it's not, 4.5k : Sam's new bracelet ushers in bad luck.
What must be mine, 3.2k : Dean wants to declare his big love but Sam is not having it. (podfic)
Talks with death, 1.7k : Sam is distant, Dean needs a confidant. (podfic)
My apple pie girl, 1k : Garth finds a picture of Sam dressed as a girl in Dean's wallet.
Good morning, I love you, 500w : drunk!Sam obsesses about Dean's freckles. Dean will have none of it, thank you, his freckles are not cute or pretty or precious, they are rugged and manly.
Ma vie en peche, 1.7k: Sam, Dean, and some drunk baking.
Big damn hero, 2k : Dean's back from Purgatory. His clothes are too tight and Sam's acting bizarre. It isn't an issue until it is.
This is what my youth is for, 1.4k : Dean's been healing, Sam's got an office job, Dean shows up and there is cubicle sex.
Sew your fortunes on a string, 2.7k : It's Vegas week and despite everything, Dean's got his money on Sam showing up. (podfic)
Thicker than water, 400w : Dean shows up to watch Sam's water polo game.
Why he, a harmless necessary cat, 800w : Sam and Dean compromise by getting a cat.
One man's trash is another man's treasure, 1k : tentacle fic written for wincon's 2012 Badfic Idol
In and out of weeks, 1.8k : This is how Sam began hitchhiking.
Brother, i'm your sex kitten, and we're purrfect together, with oddishly, 6 ½ inches of gray fluffball (also, 1,400 words) : Sam/kitten!Dean. Dean licked butter off his own nose and then started purring, against his will and really loudly.
The hunger of abandoned places, 4k : Sam and Dean have been down this road before.
Thief in the night, 380w : Sam Winchester is a thief, breaking and entering to take what's his, even if Dean did steal the iPod from him first.
You're mah brother, and I love u, 1k : wingfic written for wincon's 2013 Badfic Idol

december '11 holiday commentfic (x)
Sam/Dean have amnesia and the rest is wincestory. (1.7k)
a little expansion on the last scene of A Very Supernatural Christmas (800w)
The desk clerk seems to think Dean is Sam's boyfriend. So does the diner waitress. Jesus Christ. (1.2k)
They say that Sam's heart grew three sizes that day. (600w)
Dean twists his ankle on the ice because he didn't shovel the walk when Sam told him to, so now he gets to bitch and moan for three days while Sam serves him hand and foot. (1k)
Sam's hand heals but he still needs that little bite of pain to link him to the real world. S'good Dean's there to help. (1k)

Gen Fic
or, Sam/Dean in my head, but not in-story explicit

Supposed to be hopeful, 1k : Speculation on the location of Purgatory.
Fancy, 600w : There's another hug & Sam goes all sappy on the car.
Creepy-Ugly, 800w : Sam now has a Thing about cages.
It was long, your message, 1k : This is how Sam's ass betrayed them all.
Not another teen movie (2001), 5.5k : Sam sneaks out of their motel to go to a Halloween party. (pre-series)
A third event to me, 4.5k : Sam and Dean see signs, but ignore them. (s7 hellatus Team Free Will)
Not the gravity plan, 1.8k: Charlie and Kevin show up to the Batcave at the same time.

comment fic regarding what didn't happen in the episode that they stalled airing (1/29/2011)
Sam overhears something.
The dragon was a dude in a green VW van.
D/C (Dragon/Castiel)

december '11 holiday commentfic (x)
This is what happens when you don't follow directions. (1k)
06x22-07x01: Gordon Walker is with Castiel, now. (2k)
Becky helps them & in return demands Sam play her bf. Dean doesn't like it. At all. (800w)
Death crashes the Singer-Winchester Christmas party. (800w)

The moment that ceases to be true, 1.6k : Being the only one left just means there's no turning back.


Your face against the morning sun, 2.8k : Bela steals things from Jo, and Jo follows her to NYC
Looks like a solo tonight, 29.8k : Jo wears her heart on her sleeve for everyone to see. Thieves just can't help themselves. Thank goodness Bela is one of them.

Living proof, 18k : Officer Adrianne Palicki's drive to solve a murder investigation might take her to darker places than she can handle alone, and her desperate attraction to Genevieve might just prove to be the key to it all. TENTACLE KNOTTING FEMSLASH~

Blended vanilla cappuccino, nonfat with whip, 5.7k : Bela works at Cloud Grind, a coffee shop outpost during an intergalactic war. Future!fic Non-AU

Dreams that you dare to dream, 1.4k : Jared, the tower construction worker, is at the window when Prince Jensen climbs in.
Donut Moose, 700w : Jared is himself and so is Jensen. A moose eats the donut.
Mountie duck, 30k : Jared is a Mountie at a small border crossing. Jensen Ackles avoids his official hug.
Chemistry, 20k : Jensen reminds himself that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a platonic jerk-off scene between brothers. And there’s nothing platonic about his feelings for Jared.

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