Not cops, just hicks (glovered) wrote,
Not cops, just hicks

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot stop thinking about Batcave fic. Bathrobe and fancy aged liquor and possible bubble bath and stacks of books and secret doors etc!

Please prompt and write/art. I want to make more batcave stick figure art and stuff.


(you know how this works)

1. Be Nice To Each Other.

2. Prompts should in some way have to do with the batcave & use any and all characters you want! (RPF welcome so long as it pertains to the cave)

3. Prompt with abandon and fill things, too!

4. Pimp

  1. Uh oh. Dead guy wants his robe back. Frantic Sam must solve the case, to save Dean -- and Dean's sexy robe. by coyotesuspect
  2. Sam hasn't even picked out a room yet, because every night, he sleeps with the books. by starling_night (art)
  3. The lack of a television means Sam and Dean must seek out alternate entertainment. They both get hooked on sappy Victorian novels. They both think their brother would mock them mercilessly, so they have to sneak out at night to get their books. One night they both go after the same book at the same time. by rbmi_fan
  4. Sam really wants Dean out of that old, deadperson's robe. Right. Now. by etoile_etiolee
  5. Unfortunately, Charlie needs a place to hide while she creates yet another new identity. Fortunately, she contacts Sam and Dean to see if they know of a place. by glovered
  6. The place is in amazing shape after being abandoned for so long, but still, there is upkeep to be done. (cue Dean in a toolbelt, perhaps fiddling with the plumbing..) Sam didn't like to think about the memories (robo!)he had of seeing Dean while he was living with Lisa, while he was working a real, actual, blue-collar job, so it surprised him to realize that Dean in a toolbelt.... well, it did even more for him than Dean in a hoodie. by runedgirl
  7. The Men of Letters struck me as the type to pick up the Necronomicon ex Mortis, the puzzle box, or the One Ring and say, "This warps the fabric of the universe in hitherto unprecedented ways and must be studied," rather than the Hunter reaction of "I don't like the look of this thing; let's burn it in a kiln, salt the ashes, mix 'em in concrete, and pitch the whole thing into Lake Erie." by ficwriter1966
  8. The Batcave has a Library. All Libraries are subject to L-Space. Either Sam and Dean (and/or others! Castiel? Kevin? Charlie? Linda? Jody? Charlie and Kevin would totally know where they were!) stumble into the Unseen University, or the Librarian shows up and starts soothing the lonely books. by mandraco
  9. Sam, Dean & that AWESOME GIANT TELESCOPE in the back of the bunker :D by mamapranayama
  10. The bat cave is haunted! By the ghost of a cat. It seems friendly, though. Sam & Dean argue about whether or not they should keep their ghostly pet or salt & burn it! by cherie_morte
  11. The MoL have a very extensive library, and some of the books have peculiar qualities, some make people do peculiar things. by zubeneschamali
  12. Best idea ever! by oddishly & glovered (art-fic fusion)
  13. The table is spread with books. Sam is wearing his sweater vest. Dean likes Sam in his sweater vest. Soon Sam is spread on the table. Librarians, take comfort! No priceless volumes are harmed in the making of this fic/art. Well, a little jizz may have gotten on one. Dean may have to do something to make up for that. by callistosh65
  14. Sam researches, takes notes and researches (and takes notes....) Dean gets bored and starts exploring. It's hours before Sam realizes that Dean hasn't been shuffling arond. Sam has to search for missing!Dean (which could turn into hurt!Dean or Dean-fell-asleep-somewhere) by i_o_r_h_a_e_l
  15. In one of the bathrooms, Dean discovers an old shaving kit: boar-bristle brush, straight razor, strop, buttery-soft face towels. by stripytights
  16. In his determination to convince Sam to stay with him forever despite his yearning for a ~normal~ life, Dean begins to attempt to learn to be a domestic goddess. Kitchen shenanigans! Furthermore, you know one of them 1950's ladies left her apron behind, and as has been demonstrated, Dean has nooo problem wearing the dead people clothes. by amberdreams (art)
  17. Kevin comes through and they close the gates of Hell, but that doesn’t mean a hunter’s work is done-- there are still monsters to kill and ghosts to put to rest. Sam embraces the Men of Letters legacy and together, Sam and Dean cultivate a new network of scholars and hunters. by quickreaver (art)
  18. Kevin comes through and they close the gates of Hell, but that doesn’t mean a hunter’s work is done-- there are still monsters to kill and ghosts to put to rest. Sam embraces the Men of Letters legacy and together, Sam and Dean cultivate a new network of scholars and hunters. by nwspaprtaxis
  19. Something atmospheric, warm, and cuddly. It's kind of chilly in the BC, so Sam gets wood from the town nearby/fells it himself, shirtless and with a Men of Letters Custom Made Blessed Iron Axe, and when he gets back, it's raining and Dean's hanging out in a bathrobe by the fire. They can hear raindrops against the metal door and it's cheesy as all get out. Cue making out by the fire and unspoken promises and stuff. by strive2bhappy
  20. After the right number of old timey drinks, Dean finally convinces Sam it's an awesome idea to have a sword fight. The fight spans multiple rooms and levels and maybe even the showers (YAY OBSTACLE COURSE), but eventually someone gets hurt because the blades are sharp, you dumb stupid boys. AND NOW THE OTHER ONE FEELS ALL GUILTY AND PROCEEDS TO BABY HIM BACK TO HEALTH. AND ALSO THE INJURED PARTY SHOULD AT ALL TIMES BE WEARING A ROBE. by balder12
  21. One day a small child shows up - lost, confused, disheveled, not knowing where her parents are or where she is is... possibly amnesiac, wandering the woods / surrounding town / whatever. Dean and Sam gently take her into the Batcave where there is a hairbrush and hot chocolate and handed-down t-shirts to curl up in. by sparrow_lately
  22. "Hey, Sam. How about a game of chess?" by antrazi
  23. Dean enjoys the hell out of exploring the Batcave until he comes across a door he can't open. It's a plain slab of steel with no handle, but it does have hinges - clearly it was meant to be opened. Man VS Door and Dean is determined to be victorious! by ficwriter1966
  24. Some of the books are in Enochian. Or other ancient, sacred tongues that Cas reads and Sam doesn't. So they spend some time working together on translating and cataloguing. The thing is, some of the books are also a little racy. Or a lot racy. There are very suggestive and passionately written myths, which are vital data, vital. Cue Sam and Cas translating porn together, awkwardly meeting each other's eyes, awkwardly not meeting each other's eyes, till one day . . . by balder12
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